Katanox and Oracle Hospitality partner up to democratize B2B distribution in hospitality

Katanox and Oracle Hospitality partner up to democratize B2B distribution in hospitality
Katanox partners with Oracle Cloud

Katanox, the transparent B2B marketplace for travel accommodations and travel sellers today announced a new integration with Oracle Hospitality, the world's largest hospitality management platform. With this integration, the Oracle Opera Cloud customers can freely and without additional costs distribute their inventory directly with new travel sellers.

Katanox makes connecting and contracting travel accommodation inventory and payments for travel sellers effortless and brings a whole new dimension to democratizing the hospitality distribution industry with the property management system at the heart.

In a post-pandemic world, it’s essential for accommodation suppliers to start the de-platformization and decrease the dependency on GDSs, wholesalers and the major booking platforms. Covid-19 showed the vulnerability of traditional distribution channels and relationships for many hoteliers. This underlines the need for a trusted decentralised framework in which hotels and independent travel sellers can customize their offering and pricing to the audience of the travel seller and streamline their booking policies and payments effortlessly. Onboarding of the hotel inventory is free and fully automated from the Oracle Hospitality Cloud Marketplace

A partnership between Katanox and Oracle enhances each company’s offerings and helps accommodation suppliers around the world to take another step to control their business instead of being dependent on the usual suspects in the B2B hospitality distribution market. Big brands in both leisure and business travel and outside of the travel industry have started building their travel application with the Katanox API and developer tools to sell rooms.

Senior Director of Product Management Integrations & APIs - Oracle Hospitality, Luis Weir commented:

"Our partnership with Katanox is a great example of how seriously open we are at Oracle Hospitality to take our Opera Cloud customers into a new phase of B2B distribution. It's incredible to see how much progress Katanox has made and we’re delighted to be part of this exciting journey to automate B2B distribution in Hospitality".

Co-founder and Head of Product - Katanox, Imre Vogelezang commented:

"Building our first integration with Oracle as the largest global provider of hospitality solutions will open up the market to more than 38,000 properties to start developing their automated distribution strategy and teams".

About Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality brings more than 40 years of experience in providing technology solutions to independent hoteliers, global and regional chains, gaming, and cruise lines. Our hardware, software, and services enable customers to act on rich data insights that deliver personalized guest experiences, maximize profitability and encourage loyalty. Cloud-based, mobile-enabled, with open APIs, Oracle’s OPERA Cloud property management and distribution, Simphony point-of-sale, reporting and analytics, and Nor1 upsell solutions accelerate innovation, increase revenue, lower IT cost, and maximize operating efficiency. Our Hospitality Resource Center features an array of information to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in an altered marketplace. To learn more, please visit www.oracle.com/Hospitality.

About Katanox

Founded in 2020, Katanox is the transparent business to business travel accommodation marketplace. It’s purpose is to democratize the selling of travel accommodations by cutting through the middlemen, eliminating complexity and enabling direct partnerships. Katanox offers digital native travel sellers inventory, availability, rates, transactions and payments through a single API. The Katanox platform is directly integrated with multiple property management solutions to offer direct deal making and relationships between travel sellers and travel accommodations. For more information, visit www.katanox.com