Katanox Engineering & Product hackathon 2022

Katanox Engineering & Product hackathon 2022

TLDR; Last week we held our very first Engineering & Product hackathon in Istanbul, and it was a great one!

We couldn't have asked for better circumstances for Katanox hackathon 0.1. We chose to travel to Istanbul as already half our engineering team is based in Turkey and we decided to meet them there. The rest of us traveled from Amsterdam, London and Thessaloniki on Sunday with excitement to visit our colleagues and work closely together in exciting projects with one core thought in mind: to explore & hack exciting ideas that will benefit Katanox! The topics the team worked on focused on fintech solutions, analytics and improved content sourcing.

To reflect on Katanox's culture, we chose a modern co-working location in Istanbul which offered a comfortable, inspiring and relaxing space to let us be as productive as possible.

The hackathon commenced on Monday morning when the team was split in 4 sub-teams, each focusing on one solution.

The second day of the hackathon included a lot of coding based on the preparation and ideas' exploration from Monday.

Finally, apart from the hackathon, we got the chance to explore the city in the evenings, filling up with mental energy and memories to savour for the future!

On Wednesday morning we presented our 4 POCs to the rest of our colleagues who were not in Istanbul and then headed to the airport.

Until the next company get together, cheers 🍻